Success Stories

a few kind words from my clients


Carly Mear


"I came to Tamar with 8 weeks until I had to weigh in for England's Strongest Woman, I was roughly 4/5kg over this but with a lot of help and support from her I weighed in with room to spare, no horrible water cuts or hot baths, I even had a refeed which was the first time I've ever managed to have this.  The attention to detail and knowledge is just something else and I cannot thank her enough for the support and mindset changes so far, here is to a happier weight journey!"

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 Paul Walsh

OCR competitor and regular gym-goer

“Working with Tamar of Fuelled By Macros has been a breath of fresh air. Straight after my consultation she adjusted my diet and increased my calories and within 48 hours I was seeing results and still am seeing those results consistently every week. On top of working with my diet  she has helped re-eductate me nutritionally so I can go forward armed with the information to continue my successful transformation. I’m no longer going through the motions but am taking action and seeing results. Thank you!!”


Over 7kg and 5% body fat down in 12 weeks, journey ongoing!


Amy-Rose Deffley


"I am a powerlifter, but also wanted to work on having a happy, mindful relationship with food. Knowing Tamar is a powerlifter too, for me, means she really ‘gets it’, with all aspects really!


Before I spoke to Tamar, my binge/restrict cycle was causing distress (mainly from trying to stay within a weight category for powerlifting, but also for aesthetic reasons) and not only has she instilled a more positive mindset towards how I look, she’s helped me relax around food. She has helped me begin to feel confident in my own skin again. I know I am in safe hands, even though I normally find putting my trust in someone a difficult task: Self confessed control freak! Thank you for all you have done so far Tamar."


Logan Usher

Strength & Performance Coach

“Tamar of Fuelled By Macros has an enthusiasm and eye for detail that is rare to find. She has helped many of my athletes including high level professional sports people to consistently get the extra 1% necessary to make it to the top. For me, the reason Tamar stands out in a saturated field is that she covers all of the small details. For her it isn’t just protein, carbs and fats but a full micronutrient profile is considered too. Her recipes are always delicious and varied, so much so it’s easy to overlook the fact they are nutritious and calculated. I am often asked for nutritional advice and for me the answer is always the same; “Speak to Fuelled By Macros”.”


Cindy Schmidt

CrossFit competitor

"I got in touch with Tamar after realising I had developed some very worrying eating habits, ie, I had more and more binge days that left me feeling disgusted and ashamed. I had to nip this in the bud before it could turn into a full-on ED.


Turned out I was under-eating by a mile. I wanted to improve my strength (chasing my first 100kg deadlift), so embarked on a bulk under Tamar's guidance. And I am loving it. Not only am I hitting PBs left, right and centre, I am also full of energy, my mood has increased by a mile, I have not binged once since I started my bulking journey, and most of all: I am loving what I see in the mirror: bum, quads, abs and shoulders/arms... full muscles, female curves, no stick insect!


Tamar is an incredible coach to work with. She's tailoring everything to your personal needs. My previous coach calculated my macros for me, and left me to my own devices with a weekly message asking how I'm getting on. Not Tamar: Not only do you get a super detailed spreadsheet with all your macros, useful tips and a "diary" section, you also get a weekly video check-in with her. She's always there if you need her (I had the odd setback in mindset but she's always managed to make me look at things from a different perspective). Her personal approach is second-to-none, and she's just a pure joy to work with. No matter if you're looking to shed a bit of bodyweight or if you want to increase the weight on the bar (ie your strength): Tamar is your (super)woman!"


Paul Crowe

Active lifestyle

"Tamar provides a pragmatic and tailored approach to your nutritional needs, whether that's weight loss, sporting improvement or general health. My issues were more than just weight, I suffered from bloating and various dietary issues for many years.


Having Tamar's guidance helped focus on the key issues and along the way helped me to manage bloating, improve sports performance and reduce my weight to a sensible level. The process is not a short term fix, it helps focus you for the longer term and worth tapping into Tamar's knowledge to give you an overall better lifestyle. I highly recommend anyone to go through this process with Tamar."



Fitness & Diet Coach

"Being a coach myself, the decision to work with a coach to address my disordered eating habits wasn’t an easy one at all. Not that not being a coach would make it any easier, but having the subject matter knowledge and also the feeling that “It must be possible to coach myself out of this” meant that, there was a lot of apprehension, anxiety about giving control away and also injured pride involved. However, Tamar quickly reassured me that none of this was necessary!


After having been recommended by a friend and being at the point of being really fed up with where I was mentally, I reached out to Tamar. I explained my issues around restrictive eating and that I really wanted to finally break out of this. Not only did Tamar take the time to explain her approach to me via a first video call, she also agreed to look at my eating habits and give me some feedback before any payment would be made AND irrespective of whether or not I wanted to work with her at all! This gave me incredible confidence and trust in her – and ultimately tipped the balance and decided me to commit to the challenge of letting someone else coach me.


8 weeks later and I am so glad to say that this was 100% the right decision!!! With her individual approach (no week was the same AND her approach with me was completely different to what she had done with the friend who had initially recommended her to me), her subject matter knowledge and – most importantly – her constant support whenever I needed it, I was able to achieve in a relatively short period of time (compared to the 20+ years of disordered eating beforehand) food freedom I never thought I would be able to embrace. Everyone who has issues with eating – be it over - or undereating, restriction, orthorexia etc. – knows, how all-consuming and unhealthy such a condition is. It jeopardises mental and physical health, but also relationships, enjoyment of festive occasions, the whole outlook on a life worth living.


With Tamar’s approach of weekly small steps, documentation and being there as point of accountability but also uninvolved supporter solely focused on MY needs (not my family’s/friends’ or someone else’s wants and wishes), she facilitated a safe space for me to challenge my thinking and pro-actively change my habits a day at a time. There were very hard days where it seemed impossible to conquer my skewed thought processes and emotions, and yet, at the end of these I had made progress thanks to Tamar’s understanding and re-iteration of why I had come to her in the first place. She did this not just by talking, but also by setting tasks for me to reflect and by herself providing a lot of input to visualise what reaching my goal could look like and would mean for me.


At the end of my time with Tamar, I felt empowered to go the next part of my journey alone – because yes, I am still learning to embrace my new, better relationship with food and also to keep conquering unhealthy thoughts and urges to go back to the known path of several decades. But I know if I need her, she will be there for me but also that, she doesn’t want me to be dependent on her in the long run. If you struggle with eating – regardless of the particular issue – and want to start the rest of your healthier and happier life sooner rather than later and without the danger of moving from one obsession into another, I can wholeheartedly recommend Fuelled By Macros! Your trust will not be disappointed and you’ll find yourself in a much better place very soon!​"


Nicola Crowe

Strength Training

As someone in recovery from an ED I have found working with Tamar to be a life changing experience. She totally gets what is going on in my head and works at a pace that is right for me. From starting to work with her she has gradually increased my calories and I'm now eating around 700 calories a day more than I was previously. This has resulted in increased strength, noticeable changes in body composition and improved physical and mental health. The headaches I was experiencing have gone, my energy levels have improved and my mood is stabilised.


Tamar is also working with friends and family and the approach she has taken with each of us is completely different and entirely tailored to individual needs. Previously I'd gone it alone using online calculators and it just wasn't the level of support I needed which I get with Tamar and they do not have the ability to adapt to individual circumstances like she can. Cannot recommend her enough."


Kirsten Clayton


“What started out as a weight loss exercise for me very quickly changed into a lifestyle choice. I've learnt more about food and nutrition in 8 weeks than in 51 years thanks to Tamar. She is incredibly motivational and inspiring and has this wonderful ability to believe in you more than you do yourself and it's quite infectious. I'm happier, healthy, more energised, far more focused and the quality of my life has rocketed. Oh and the weight loss? Yes that's happening but it's now secondary in my mind to living my life to the best, thank you Tamar xx”

6.5KG and over 7 inches lost in 8 weeks, journey ongoing!