Success Stories

a few kind words from my clients

“Working with Tamar of Fuelled By Macros has been a breath of fresh air. Straight after my consultation she adjusted my diet and increased my calories and within 48 hours I was seeing results and still am seeing those results consistiently every week. On top of working with my diet  she has helped re-eductate me nutritionally so I can go forward armed with the information to continue my successful transformation. I’m no longer going through the motions but am taking action and seeing results. Thank you!!”


- Paul Walsh, OCR competitor & regular gym-goer

Over 7kg and 5% body fat down in 12 weeks, journey ongoing!

“Tamar of Fuelled By Macros has an enthusiasm and eye for detail that is rare to find. She has helped many of my athletes including high level professional sports people to consistently get the extra 1% necessary to make it to the top. For me, the reason Tamar stands out in a saturated field is that she covers all of the small details. For her it isn’t just just protein, carbs and fats but a full micronutrient profile is considered too. Her recipes are always delicious and varied, so much so it’s easy to overlook the fact they are nutritious and calculated. I am often asked for nutritional advice and for me the answer is always the same; “Speak to Fuelled By Macros”.”


- Logan Usher, Apex Strength & Performance

“What started out as a weight loss exercise for me very quickly changed into a lifestyle choice. I've learnt more about food and nutrition in 8 weeks than in 51 years thanks to Tamar. She is incredibly motivational and inspiring and has this wonderful ability to believe in you more than you do yourself and it's quite infectious. I'm happier, healthy, more energised, far more focused and the quality of my life has rocketed. Oh and the weight loss? Yes that's happening but it's now secondary in my mind to living my life to the best, thank you Tamar xx”


- Kirsten Clayton, RAF WARMA

6.5KG and over 7 inches lost in 8 weeks, journey ongoing!

"I am a powerlifter, but also wanted to work on having a happy, mindful relationship with food. Knowing Tamar is a powerlifter too, for me, means she really ‘gets it’, with all aspects really!


Before I spoke to Tamar, my binge/restrict cycle was causing distress (mainly from trying to stay within a weight category for powerlifting, but also for aesthetic reasons) and not only has she instilled a more positive mindset towards how I look, she’s helped me relax around food. She has helped me begin to feel confident in my own skin again. I know I am in safe hands, even though I normally find putting my trust in someone a difficult task: Self confessed control freak! Thank you for all you have done so far Tamar."


- Amy-Rose Deffley, Powerlifter & Photographer

“I was introduced to Tamar through my personal trainer, Tom Davenport, who was explaining to me how delicious her meals were etc so I thought I would liaise with her. I found Tamar to be extremely helpful from start to finish. She had a long phone consultation with me and asked many questions about my lifestyle etc. She really helped educate me about calorie deficits and her advice was a real gold nugget - she is highly knowledgeable and really gave me some solid advice! I began trying her meals every week and they were just so tasty, each with calories etc to keep me on track. After 6 months I can happily say I am still a happy customer. She is a great lady and also great at helping you achieve your goals, and her recipes are absolutely beautiful! Best regards, Nick.”


- Nick Thorpe

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