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Tamar Aliphon
Professional Sports Nutritionist

I'm Tamar, a mum of one. I enjoy long hikes through the countryside and short walks to the fridge. I am hungry for travel adventures, frequently found with my nose in a psychology book or picking up heavy things in the gym. Oh, I’m also a passionate Professional Sports Nutritionist.

My story

I have put my body through it all. I have been overweight and underweight. I’ve scale obsessed, excessively restricted and binged. I have battled body dysmorphia and self loathing. Weight Watchers, Slimming World, Atkins, Dukan, Cabbage Soup (one of the worse ones), Avocado, High Fat, Low Carb, I was a mess... you name a diet, I’ve been there and got a stretch mark to prove it.


In my crazy, loud, multi-cultural family the kitchen and the meals that come out of it are the heart and soul of us. I LOVE food but so many times I managed to suck the joy from eating it by serving up a side order of guilt.


Over a decade ago life ground to a halt when I was struck with various illnesses, fibromyalgia and CFS. Desperate to get some semblance of a life back I began to research the healing powers of food, vitamins and minerals. I embarked on my first nutrition course, used homeopathy, and gradually my health began to improve.


Determined to put my new-found energy to good use, at the age of 31 I nervously stepped into a gym and had my first strength training PT session (it is never too late to start). I fell in love with powerlifting and 2 years later I was competing on the British platform alongside some of the strongest athletes the UK has produced to date. I was hooked on discovering what my body could achieve and just how powerful I can be!

With the aim of expanding my powerlifting potential I hired a sports nutritionist. Unfortunately I was treated like a spreadsheet and misled down a path of severe caloric restriction resulting in ill health, numerous injuries, hypothalamic amenorrhea and disordered eating. I was just one of many hundreds of people misplacing their trust in a 'coach' recycling off-the-peg macro targets. It made me wonder; how many people start out exercising or working on their nutrition to better themselves but end up worse-off from malpractice? I felt totally cheated but as bad as it was, the experience convinced me to further my studies and find a better way. I qualified with an Accredited Diploma in Professional Sport Nutrition - with Distinction, and advanced to where I am today; at peace with my body, happily nourished, unrestricted and focussed on fuelling my busy lifestyle.


It's what I want all my clients to achieve and my mission is to safely and sustainably guide each one through the process of achieving their goals.


I am invested in your success. Are you ready? Let's go!

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