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Get to the core of WHY you have cravings and learn HOW to deal with them.


This colourful, upbeat and detailed 25 page .pdf contains science-backed facts on the cause of cravings. Through a process of elimination you will identify exactly what is causing your cravings, then you'll learn how to reduce or eliminate them altogether using the tools and tips I have personally developed as a nutritionist - and human!


Fuel your life with over 29 delicious savoury and sweet snack ideas. Whether high protein, fast-fixers, blood sugar-friendly slow digesting or batch prep - there are abundant ways to crush your cravings!

Craving Crushers eBook

  • This file will be available for download on the 'Thank you' page once you have completed check out.

    You will also receive an email with a link to download the file, valid for 30 days.

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