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UK Vegan High Protein Foods Directory

It's great to see UK supermarkets getting on board with so many more options for vegans and those wanting to follow a plant based or plant focused nutrition plan. Unfortunately, not all options are high in protein so I have collated a directory of UK supermarket food products for you. This is not an exhaustive list of products, but rather, a tool to guide you toward higher protein options. The main tip here when shopping, is to check the nutritional details on the back of the packet and aim for as much protein per serving as possible (anything over 10g is a good start, with additional protein being topped up from your veg, carb and fat sources). I also look for soya protein as this is High Biological Value protein (containing a decent amount of all 9 essential amino acids). I have written a guide to getting enough protein on. a vegan diet.

I will continue to add to this directory over time so save it in your browser favourites and keep returning for updates as new products make it under my radar!

Supermarket / Product

Protein per 100g

Suggested serving


19g / 253kcals

Half a pack (125g) = 23.8g protein / 316kcals

52g / 318kcals

30g = 15.6g protein / 113kcals 60g = 31.2g protein / 227kcals

79g / 346kcals

1 scoop (30g) = 24g protein / 104kcals


21g / 188kcals

Half a pack (120g) = 25.7g protein / 228kcals

14g / 193kcals

125g (cooked weight) = 17.4g protein / 241kcals

17g / 194kcals

Half a pack (100g) = 17g protein / 194kcals

16.8g / 125kcals

100g = 16.8g protein / 125kcals

18g / 188kcals

Half a pack (100g) = 18g protein / 188kcals

14g / 143kcals

Half a pack (90g) = 12.8g protein / 128kcals

15g / 145kcals

Half a pack (100g) = 15g protein / 145kcals

18g / 202kcals

Half a pack (1 fillet) = 20g protein / 222kcals

16g / 231kcals

Half a pack (3 skewers) = 18.9g protein / 276kcals

4g / 50kcals

Half a pot (250g) = 10.8g protein / 143kcals

3.4g / 34kcals

500ml = 18g protein / 190kcals

15g / 228kcals

Half a pack (1 burger) = 14.3g protein / 224kcals

13g / 234kcals

1 sausage = 4.7g / 84kcals

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