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Quick Fish Curry

This 15 minute meal can be adapted easily by using a wide array of different curry pastes and whatever white fish you have available.

A great way to store curry paste is to spoon into ice-cube trays and store in the freezer for up to three months.

Serves 4



  • 1 tbsp vegetable oil

  • 1 white onion, diced

  • 1 garlic clove, crushed

  • 2 tbsp Madras curry paste

  • 400g tin tomatoes

  • 200ml vegetable stock

  • 600g white fish fillets, skinned and cut into large pieces

  • A handful fresh coriander, chopped



  1. To make this simple but delicious curry, begin by gently sautéing the onion and garlic for around 5 minutes or until the onion is soft and the garlic smells aromatic.

  2. Stir in the curry paste and let it roast in the pan for 3 minutes to release the flavours of the spices before adding the tomatoes and the stock.

  3. Bring the sauce to a simmer and add the fish. Cook gently for around 10 minutes, by which point the fish will be soft and flaky.

  4. Serve immediately topped with a handful of fresh coriander.

Serve with rice or naan bread (calories below for curry only).




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