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Chai Protein Dessert

Let's be honest, sometimes we just really want to finish a meal with something sweet. But if we can do it without breaking the calorie bank and adding in a touch of protein, even better!

When I developed this recipe, I had the fundamentals of a tiramisu in mind, but I can't call it that because the Italians will come for me!

Anyway, if you love anything Chai spiced, I guarantee you will absolutely love this high protein dessert. I have made this recipe dairy free, and it would be vegan if it weren't for the egg ingredient in ladyfingers. However, it's super adaptable so feel free to change up vegan yoghurt and protein for dairy based if you prefer, you could also swap the ladyfingers out for vegan sponge, and even experiment with flavours.

Follow this recipe to stock your fridge with something extra tasty to enjoy this week.

Serves 4


Protein Dessert Ingredients

For the base:

For the topping:



  1. Pop the Chai teabag in a shallow dish and cover with a little boiling water from the kettle. If you like, add half a capful of ginger wine and leave the mixture (with teabag) to one side to steep.

  2. Meanwhile, add the scoop of protein powder, 200g yoghurt, 2g xanthan gum and a sprinkle of cinnamon (to taste) into a mixing bowl. Whip together using an electric whisk until it thickens (forming small stiff peaks in the bowl).

  3. Have 4 small ramekins at the ready. Snap the 4 lady fingers in half.

  4. Quickly dunk each piece of ladyfinger in the tea and ginger wine mix, turning over so that it absorbs the fluid on each side, but do not leave them to sit in there - ladyfingers are very delicate and fall apart if they get too soggy! Place 2 halves of lady finger into the bottom of each ramekin.

  5. Divide the protein mixture into 4 over the top of the ladyfinger bases in ramekins. Smooth out and pop into the fridge for at least an hour to chill.

  6. Before serving, dust with a little more cinnamon.

These will keep in the fridge, covered, for a couple of days.




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